What GROW means for the Vancouver tech community

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For the next 3 days the Valley descends on Vancouver for the GROW conference and you can feel a real excitement in the local tech community about hosting entrepreneurs like Tony Hsieh (Zappos) or Andrew Mason (Groupon) as well as investors like Rob Hayes (First Round Capital), Dave McClure (500 Startups), Jeff Clavier (Softtech) or Chris Albinson (Panorama Capital) here in town. Building a company outside of the hot spots of the Valley or NYC is sometimes a tough undertaking despite many success stories – entrepreneurs don’t have the same easy access to experienced talent, mentors or investors and have fewer opportunities to learn from peers. So having close to a hundred top notch tech entrepreneurs and investors coming into town gives the Vancouver tech community a real boost and will provide some fantastic learning and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs from here and the rest of Canada.

Big thanks to Debbie Landa from Dealmaker Media for organizing the event, really hope this will turn into an annual conference!

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  • http://www.gunnr.ca/ Gunnr

    Excited about the high quality of entrepreneurs & investors Debbie has organized! These events are VITAL to growing the local tech scene, however it goes both ways. Increasing cross-border communication/connections can provide valuable insight to those developing & investing in global products/services in the Valley as well.

  • http://blog.homestars.com bsharwood

    I'm looking forward to be there. Lots of great participants, especially the other entrepreneurs from many of the great Canadian starts-ups.

  • http://chrisarsenault.wordpress.com/ Chrisarsenault

    Great to be here. Really good vibes.