What are your predictions for 2011? Here are my top 4.

I didn’t do too badly predicting what would happen in the consumer Internet space in 2010 so I am giving it another try for 2011:

  • Android will become the most important mobile platform to develop for – the iPhone platform will be number 2, the rest (RIM, Windows Phone) will only play a marginal role. While Android has clearly been gaining market share on the iPhone in the past months, most developers still consider iOS the most important platform – this perception will change in 2011.
  • Mobile apps will start impacting offline purchasing decision in a significant way. 2010 has seen the launch of many mobile shopping app like Shopkick or Barcode Hero (a W Media portfolio company) but 2011 will be the break-through year for “local, mobile commerce”.
  • Early-stage financing will continue to be close to a bubble as there is simply too much money chasing too few deals. So if you run a start-up, think about raising that next round of financing rather earlier than later. (On a side note: the Canadian market is clearly not as hot as the US market).
  • IPO and M&A markets will finally open up. It has been long time since we have seen a major IPO in the web space and a hot M&A market – I thought that this would already happen in 2010 but hey, 2011 is good enough!

I originally wanted to come up with 5 predictions but had a hard time finding as many without either completely speculating or stating the obvious – so what do you think will happen in 2011?

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  • http://twitter.com/tianjerry tianjerry

    Hi Boris, what’s your prediction on the online education field?

  • Anonymous

    It is a very interesting vertical that I have been looking into pretty extensively this past year. 2011 might or might not be the break-out year for some of the companies that attracted financing this year but my hunch is that it will take a bit longer for that vertical to get significant traction.

  • http://twitter.com/arpadb Arpad Barabas

    I agree with Android becoming very dominant. How easy will it be for startups to keep up with multiple versions of Android across multiple different OEMs? I see major challenges for startups to keep pace.

    What are your predictions for early-stage financing in Canada for 2011?

  • Anonymous

    I think that we should see a pretty active early-stage financing scene in Canada in 2011 as a few new funds have emerged in the past year that will start doing investments (e.g. Real Ventures) and more and more US firms looking at Canada (see the recent Shopify investment as an example).

  • ProfitProphet

    LeoNovus will replace cable and satellite in most homes.
    All world economies will collapse within a few years.
    Canada will become the last country on earth to adopt English as it’s only official language, after finally admitting that bilingualism was a huge and costly mistake.