Wanted: Entrepreneur-in-Residence for 2010

Vancouver-based W Media Ventures is one of the premier early-stage Consumer Internet investors in the Pacific Northwest and is looking for an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) for (all or parts of) 2010. If you are an individual with an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and mind, who is looking to create the next best thing in consumer internet, would like to assist in the evaluation of potential investments and provide functional expertise to existing portfiolio companies, we would love to hear from you. You need to have a successful track record as entrepreneur or CEO / CTO in a start-up environment, ideally in the Consumer Internet area. Interested? Please apply to info [at]wmediaventures [dot] com.

  • http://ca.linkedin.com/in/architect Igor Stelmashenko

    Replying to the tweet @bootlabs. Very interested to learn more. Currently running a startup in Mobile space, my third. Technology and exciting ideas is my interest and specialty. phone: 604.506.1463, skype: thezaphod, twitter: thezaphod

  • Tim Langley

    Hi :)

    Are you interested in international applicants?
    (UK based serial entrepreneur / CTO)

  • http://box693.bluehost.com/~version3/wp boris

    @Tim: yes, we are and have already got a few international applications – please send your application to info [at]wmediaventures [dot] com

  • Lana Larder

    Hi…there from Nova Scotia, Canada. Wondering if you are interested in Atlantic Canadian business for investment?
    Really looking forward to hearing back from you…..
    Lana Larder, Halifax Finance….

  • http://box693.bluehost.com/~version3/wp boris

    @Lana: unfortunately we usually only invest in the Pacific North West and Western Canada

  • Stephen W

    Who would I talk to briefly to see if an idea I had was a fit for WmediaVentures?

    Thank you for all you do,


  • http://box693.bluehost.com/~version3/wp boris

    @Stephen: please send your idea to info [at] wmediaventures [dot] com

  • Tir Singh

    I am serial entreprenuer in India having experience in setting up technolgy , R&D,services company.Any intrest in India