A list of great startup resources inspired by ‘s lists (2011, 2012, 2013):

Lean Startup & Early-Stage Business Model Validation

Business Models

Startup Ideas & Naming a Startup

  • Paul Graham explains why there are so many great startup ideas lying around unexploited right under our noses.
  • And he explains how to find startup ideas by living in the future and building what seems interesting.
  • Fred Wilson and Dharmesh Shah each offer advice on how to name a startup.

Customer Discovery and Validation


Demand Generation and Optimization

PR Strategy

Viral Marketing & Growth

Sales and Sales Management

Business Development

Product Management and Design

Funding Strategy


Founder Issues

Recruiting and HR Policy Issues

Board Management & Advisors

General Management Advice

Startup Failure

The Startup Mindset and Coping with Emotional Pressures

Career Planning Issues

Tools for Entrepreneurs