exited companies

AbeBooks.com is the world’s largest online marketplace for books, with over 100 million new, used, rare, and out-of-print titles listed for sale by more than 13,500 independent booksellers from around the world. AbeBooks has millions of customers who purchase up to 25,000 books a day from its 5 global Web sites. A true internet success story, AbeBooks has been selling books online since 1996, and is a private company based in Victoria, BC Canada, with offices in Germany and the USA. Internet Retailer magazine ranked AbeBooks at No. 70 among North American online retailers in June 2007. (sold to Amazon in 2008)


GoInstant is the first shared web browsing service. Within just a few seconds and with no downloads or plugins, users can share an interactive browsing experience. GoInstant’s unique technology unleashes new business opportunities to improve customer support and enhance sales on the web. (sold to Salesforce in 2012)


Kima Labs was founded in January 2010 by Amazon.com veterans Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford. The company’s mission is to help shoppers through breakthrough mobile technology. The most current project by the company is Deal Flow. Kima Labs is seed funded by A-list angels, including Naval Ravikant, Ron Conway’s SV Angel, and Owen van Natta. (sold to Groupon in 2012)


Nexopia.com is the most popular social networking utility for Canadian youth with over 1.2 million registered members and over a billion pages served per month. Always a passionate innovator, Nexopia is dedicated to developing new technologies to help young people stay connected with friends as well as express themselves in the most creative ways possible. (sold to Ideon Media in 2012)


Sparkbuy is the “Kayak for consumer electronics” making it really easy for consumers to compare laptops (and soon other consumer electronics like televisions) based on the criteria which are important to them. The company is led by Dan Shapiro who previously founded Ontela. (sold to Google in 2011)


Suite101.com is the preferred choice for freelance writers who want to build their publishing careers and reach out to over 30 million monthly readers. With 10 years online, over 100,000 articles and 700 professional, paid contract writers, Suite101 is dedicated to delivering quality expertise and writing increasingly rare in the online world. (sold to management team in 2013)


Summify creates a beautiful daily summary of the most relevant news from your social networks, and delivers it to you by email, web or mobile. Summify was founded by Cristian Strat and Mircea Pasoi, two young “hacker entrepreneurs” from Romania who came to Vancouver to build their company. (sold to Twitter in 2012)


TeamPages is an online tool for parents, coaches, and athletes of amateur sports teams that helps all participants stay in touch with each other and keep up to date with the team’s schedule of games and events. TeamPages also provides registration and communication solutions for leagues and clubs. (sold to management team in 2013)


Tynt is the developer of Tynt Insight, a tool that tracks user actions on websites including copy/paste and highlight to help content producers learn what content their users find most engaging. Tynt is currently tracking tens of thousands of websites and billions of page views on a monthly basis. (sold to 33across in 2012)


Vivity Labs develops life-relevant gaming experiences across multiple platforms, including Mobile, Web and Social. They create top-quality casual brain games and lifestyle technologies that push the envelope and make a difference in people’s lives. (Sold to Rosetta Stone in 2013)