Above everything else we invest in entrepreneurs, not businesses.

We love passionate entrepreneurs with deep domain knowledge. Entrepreneurs with great product and design instincts. Entrepreneurs who want to change the world but know that in order to do so, they need help. And yes, we love to help, when and where ever we can.

Besides the founder team we look for a few more things when evaluating an investment opportunity:

  • We only invest in consumer internet, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile opportunities. We do not invest in hardware, infrastructure or telecommunications companies.
  • We are mostly interested in early-stage opportunities (i.e. Seed or Series A rounds). Investments usually range from $200K to $500K per company.
  • We get most excited about strong founder teams that address large (hundreds of $ millions +), capital-efficient markets with a truly unique product and an easy-to-understand business model.
  • And we like to see some initial traction with – at the minimum – an existing prototype/alpha version that is currently being challenged by users

Here is what we can offer entrepreneurs:

  • We are active investors. Having run internet companies ourselves, we understand the space and try to pass on as much of our knowledge as possible to our investments.
  • We make quick decisions. For start-ups, time is often of essence so if we decide to invest, we usually decide within days.
  • We have excellent contacts both in North-America and Europe. Having worked in the consumer internet space for almost 10 years and being long-term partners with one of the most successful German VC firms, we have excellent industry contacts on both sides of the ocean.
version one ventures has so far invested in more than 35 internet companies – we truly hope that we can add your company to our portfolio soon.