Impressions from DLD

Just came back from 3 incredible days at DLD. The conference (hosted by our friends from Burda) is getting better each year and has definitely become the premier European conference for digital media. The first day was a bit slow but day 2 and 3 had a range of highlights: a social networking panel with all of the big guys (Facebook, Linkedin, Bebo, Xing), a very interesting discussion of human versus algorithmic search with Jason Calacanis and Jimmy Wales and comments from Marissa Meyer (see Techcrunch coverage here – isn’t Google human after all?), Shai Agassi’s presentation of his new venture Better PLC) and the Exploding Media session with Jeff Jarvis, Bradley Horowitz, Peter Hirshberg and Marissa Meyer. All in all a fantastic event with great networking and really interesting panels. Only drawback: the conference location HVB Forum is getting a bit packed but I guess this is a good problem to have.

Vancouver gets an incubator

Boris Mann and Danny Robinson (both Digital Media people to watch in 2008) have partnered to start an incubator in Vancouver (see Techvibes coverage here). I think that this is incredible news for our city – as I said before, Vancouver has already a lot of engineering and entrepreunerial talent as well as VC money but we need more experienced entrepreneurs like Danny and Boris to help grow ideas into real companies. This is an important step to turn Vancouver into a really buzzing start-up city, good luck to both of you, look forward to seeing many successful products and companies coming out of BootUpLabs!

Vancouver is becoming a Web 2.0 hotspot

This past year has been a good year for Vancouver in terms of Consumer Internet activities – just have a look at the companies on the Techcouver map or the latest Vancouver Start-up index from Techvibes. And Vancouver’s Web 2.0 scene is poised to grow in 2008 as we slowly seem to reach critical mass of great entrepreuers and engineers (here are 11 people to watch this year), venture capital and media activities. Looking forward to beeing an active part of it in 2008!

Launch of W Media Ventures website

It took some time but W Media Ventures now has a website. Apart from providing basic information about what we do and featuring our portfolio companies, this blog will be the centerpiece of the new website. We hope to post pretty regularly providing updates from our portfolio companies, announcing new investments or comenting on industry news. A blog certainly gains by getting feed-back from its readers – so we hope to see as many comments as possible from you, our audience!