Announcing Version One Ventures

I am excited to announce today the launch of Version One Ventures, a new $15 million micro-VC fund. Version One will back outstanding web and mobile entrepreneurs across North-America with $250,000 to $500,000 investments in Seed and Series A rounds.

The fund builds on my successes with over 35 angel investments which include six exits – among them acquisitions by Google, Twitter, Salesforce, and Groupon. My simple investment thesis: back passionate entrepreneurs who are trying to solve a big problem with a strong product vision.

Version One came to life in the same way that most start-ups evolve. I bootstrapped my first angel investing projects with my own funds, found product-market fit and in the past 2 years have gotten significant traction with exits and follow-on rounds for portfolio companies (most recently for social publisher Wattpad, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and educational network Edmodo).

With the Internet rapidly moving into everybody’s hands, today’s entrepreneurs will be in the position to build the companies we all dreamt of in 1999 when I started my own start-up JustBooks.The timing was therefore right to take my “angel investing project” to the next level and create a larger fund with a big vision: to become one of the most respected early-stage funds in North-America by being a trusted and helpful partner for entrepreneurs.

As a former entrepreneur myself, I feel the most rewarding aspect of being an investor is to help other entrepreneurs start, build and scale companies and to pass on some of the lessons I learned the hard way over 8 start-up years. Helping others to achieve greatness is what venture capital is all about and how I see my role.

I am fortunate to have found outstanding investors who share this vision. Led by Jeff Mallett (the former President and COO of Yahoo), Version One Ventures is backed by over a dozen successful American and Canadian Internet entrepreneurs as well as a number of high-net worth individuals.

Version One’s typical investment will be $250K to $500K in Seed and Series A financing rounds in consumer Internet, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile companies. To date Version One has already made 5 investments: Top Hat Monocle (interactive learning platform), Julep (multi-channel beauty brand), Jobber (business management software for contractors), (Instagram artist marketplace) and Sunnytrail (social intelligence platform).

I am very grateful to a number of people who have helped me grow as an investor, especially Albert Wenger and Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures, Jeff Clavier from SoftechChris Fralic from First Round Capital and Christoph Braun from Acton Capital. Thank you for your support and mentorship.

Version One is open for business – stay tuned (@versiononevc)!

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  • Boris Mann

    Congrats, Boris! Having early stage funding that goes beyond small angel checks is a great place to be.

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks, Boris!

  • davidcrow

    How are there 2 Borises in one town? 

  • Boris Wertz

    They are called the “Bori”

  • davidcrow

    Congratulations @twitter-12416352:disqus you have changed the game for Canadian investors and entrepreneurs. It’s great to see that you’re again leading the way.

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks, David – really appreciate the comment and all the help along the way!

  • Dick Hardt

    Great to see Vancouver finally has a micro-VC led by a successful angel investor and entrepreneur!

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks, Dick!

  • Boris Mann

    Also: Boris Lau of Ockamo, Boris Chow of 80 elements, and a special Italian Boris that I just met recently. WE … ARE … BORII !! :)

  • Abdallah Al-Hakim

    awesome news. I love your investment thesis and the size of your fund shows the small focused fund in today’s environment could have a big impact

  • Jeff Booth

    Congrats Boris.

  • Mark MacLeod

    Congrats Boris. Look forward to making many more investments with you.

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks, Jeff!

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks and likewise :-)

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  • Eric Brooke

    Awesome to see another ladder in financing for tech startups in Canada. Good luck to you and your investments Boris

  • Sharlyn Turner

    Congratulations Boris on starting your new fund!  It seems we have similar target markets.  I’m a partner with a Seattle-based CPA and advisory firm.  I’d love to connect with you to explore ideas and ways our practices might benefit each other.  Let me know if you are available for coffee or lunch sometime soon.  (and I’m always looking for reasons to come to Vancouver!)

  • Shaun Juncal

    Congrats Boris! Look forward to seeing Version One’s future investments. Great to see such a forward-thinking VC in Vancouver.

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  • Judy Bishop

    As one who both invests and sometimes works hands-on to build companies (like this one, I know how hugely valuable it is to have you in this part of the investment ecosystem, Boris.   Hooray for the good guys…

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks, Judy!

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  • Bob Chaworth-Musters

    This is great news and very apt as Boris Wertz was selected BC Angel Investor of 2011 at the 30th Angel Forum in Vancouver last year. He is one of the nicest guys around !!!

  • Boris Wertz

    Thanks for the nice words, Bob!

  • chnlovegirls

    Nice to see this news! Thank you for teaching me so much! charmingdate scam

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